All my life I've loved 3 things: Rock'n'Roll, fast/hot cars, and good people.

I started this blog as a result of a journey to thank some of the people that changed my life. After losing my grandmother to cancer in 2012, I realized that most of us simply live day to day and don't give much fuel to our dreams. I also sat down and thought about all the people that have had a profound effect on my life and how blessed that life has been. Former teachers, family members, and rock icons came to mind. Many I had already thanked in the past, but a select few I had never had the opportunity to thank properly. I sat down and wrote 6 letters. Two of them happened to be to rock legends. They answered in ways I never thought possible. 

Our dreams get cast aside and put on the back burner as we live our "grown up" lives. They often beckon to us like ghosts from a realm we once inhabited freely but now seems so far away. I discovered that if you have the courage to live your dreams, they come true. If you're willing to find the opportunities others call "luck" and work really hard, your dreams come true.  As a result of all this, I wanted to bring my passion for all things rock'n'roll to cyberspace to raise awareness about some great bands/artists - both past and present - and highlight some great gear, books, small business owners, and concerts I have attended. I hope that in reading the articles and interviews on this blog, you are inspired to live your dream too, whether it be a rock'n'roll one or not. 

You can also read my work for Guitar Player Magazine, Seymour Duncan, and Sound Convictions. I also had the distinct honor and privilege of co-authoring Lita Ford's memoir, Living Like a Runaway, published by Dey Street Books (an imprint of Harper Collins) which is available at online retailers and brick and mortar bookstores throughout North America.

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