Interested in advertising on Playing With Chaos?
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Advertising Space and Fees
If you want your ad to appear on our pages, all you have to do is send an e-mail to
We are offering up ad space for the very low price of $5 per month. For a limited time, you can purchase 5 months worth of ads for the price of 4 months. That's $20 for just under year's worth of ad traffic from our website! Spots will be filling up quickly at this price so be sure to get in on the deal soon. 

Sponsored Posts 
I often get asked about sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are $100 each and include heavy promotion through the Playing With Chaos Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, as well as direct links back to your own site. Our Twitter account alone can reach upwards of 600,000 people a month on average, so exposure is guranteed. To inquire about a sponsored post, please send an email to

We are also willing to partner with your company or band to do giveaways, which is a sure way to get people interested in your product/music. It can be as simple as a package of guitar strings or picks, a t-shirt, band merch, CD's, or even more glamorous offerings like signed 8x10's. Contact me at if a sponsored post or giveaway/contest is something you are interested in. There is no charge for the giveaway/contest, but your company/band is responsible for shipping the materials to the winner. If you want to include an ad with your giveaway, the fee for ads applies.