Review: NEXI Industries The Solution Pedalboard

We've all been there: at a small bar, playing a gig with some appreciative but rather drunk patrons, one of which is teetering ever so close to having his beer spill all over your pedalboard. "Oh boutique $2000 pedal! What will I do? I will need to find the hair of a golden unicorn to get my tone back!"

NEXI Industries has created a solution to this very problem, but has not forgotten that it is indeed guitar players that they are catering too, and not just overly protective ones with pedalboard mishaps looming on any given night.

NEXI's The Solution pedalboard is an all-in-one solution that allows guitarists to house everything in one big box/pedalboard that requires no patch cables between pedals, and is easily a "mix and match" solution that will please pragmatists and tone seekers alike.

I did a short video review of the pedalboard and the pedals on board. I appreciate all of your support and patience with this only first real review video of mine, and look forward to many more with a little bit more of my humour injected. This one makes me wonder "Why so serious?" but I do manage to showcase only some of what is possible with this very versatile system.

Special thanks to NEXI Industries for the review opportunity and to Vittek PR for their always awesome product support.