Review: Play Along Music featuring Alice Cooper's Ryan Roxie

Let me begin by saying that in an average week, my life consists of the usual 9-to-5 style job 5 days a week, combined with after-hours gear reviews, practice, and adulting - not necessarily in that order. When I was given the chance to audition for The Ultimate Alice Cooper Experience - Eyes of Alice, I was absolutely thrilled.

But it also meant that in order to learn over 20 songs leading up to the audition/rehearsal I was going to have to figure out a way to fit all of that into my already chaotic days. I needed the "Time Extension" feature that is often featured in car racing video games....and I had no idea how I was going to do it. Enter Play Along Music - the online video guitar lesson site that features personal feedback from some of the best instructors around. Enter Ryan Roxie.

You may recognize Roxie's name from the Alice Cooper band or perhaps from Slash's Snakepit. Regardless, if you've heard the name you know that Ryan is one of the best guitarists around. Fortunately for me, he also has an entire series of lessons on Play Along Music that are dedicated to learning some of Alice Cooper's most iconic songs, which he gets to play on stage every night. When you've got 23 songs to learn, and you are freaking out about how you are going to retain all of that information, this is the equivalent of winning the guitar lesson lottery. 

I used Roxie's Alice Cooper series to quickly learn the best way to play "School's Out" and "No More Mr.Nice Guy", as well as to break down some of the rhythm parts for "Poison" and the fills for "I'm Eighteen". Ryan is a great online teacher and breaks each song down so that you can easily follow along with the guitar TAB on the same screen, and in only a few hours, I had mastered what he had taught me virtually. 4 down, 20 more songs to go! But without Roxie's efficient and friendly teaching style, it would have taken me longer - time that at this point, I did not have.

Play Along Music offers dozens of different courses for guitar, bass, and keyboard, but my experience with Ryan Roxie's modules were a sheer joy to work through. Not every great guitar player can actually show others how he/she plays the way they do. Ryan is able to successfully teach you what he knows and once you are done, you retain the information. The graphic layout of the lessons is better than a lot of other sites I have tried in the past, and the personal feedback feature is absolutely a gem. Where else can you personally ask Alice Cooper's guitarist how to play exactly what they play on stage every night? It's a guitar student's dream come true, but even if you're proficient with your instrument, my experience is proof that Play Along Music with Ryan Roxie can help you achieve whatever guitar goals you have.

By the way, thanks to Ryan's online lessons and fellow Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss's personal lesson and pep talk, I aced the audition. 

If that doesn't convince you it's worth the membership, I'm not sure what will!

Check out Ryan Roxie's Play Along Music lesson page here, and be sure to check out his band Roxie 77. In fact, if you head over to Ryan's website, you can get a free month's worth of lessons at Play Along Music!