The Iron Maidens Conquer Toronto

I've long been an admirer of The Iron Maidens, but as bad luck would have it, was never able to catch their show when the had rolled through town on previous tours of Canada. This time my luck was different and I was able to witness just what kind of fresh hell this tribute band can unleash on its audience. It was a hot, sticky, humid night at Toronto's Rockpile on June 17, and by the time the only all-female tribute to Iron Maiden walked off the stage, they had only added to the heat.

Chellee Releases Compy Compressor

Chellee Releases Compy Compressor 

Orange City, FL (June 16, 2017) - Chellee Guitars and Effects announces the release Compy Compressor, a 6 knob OTA compressor pedal. 

Slow Down! How Information Overload Is Killing Your Musicianship

The current world of guitar lessons, apps, workshops, classes, e-books, YouTube videos, and the plethora of available “how to play guitar” programs out there is nothing short of chaos. How does all of this noise impact our musicianship? I hate to say it, but while it should make us better, it often makes us worse, and it’s not for the reasons one would think.

A Matter of Perception: An Interview with Guitarist Nili Brosh

The first time I heard Nili Brosh play live I was in a small, closed-in theatre-style box at the 2017 edition of the NAMM show. I managed to make it through the mob of people that was surrounding the Dean Markley booth and squeeze myself into a spot where I could watch her do what she does so well - play the guitar with a fluency and confidence that is a lot more rare than poseur Hollywood types would have you believe.

Doll Skin reveal "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" Album Details, US Tour Announced

US female punk rock band Doll Skin have released the cover for their upcoming sophomore LP Manic Pixie Dream Girl in stores June 16th via EMP LABEL GROUP/AMPED, and in Europe June 23th via EMP/SPV. The album is Produced and Mixed by Cage9 frontman Evan Rodaniche (Lacey Sturm, Powerman 5000).

Be Your Own Guitar Hero

We all remember who our first hero was, don’t we? No matter what future revelations life brings, as children we soak in all that is around us and then emulate what we see. Sometimes our heroes are figments of our imagination - we envision Batman coming to protect us from the class bully at recess or a horrible home life, or that our family car transforms into Optimus Prime as it makes its way across the country on a road trip. At other times, our heroes are the ones who take care of us - our mothers that tend to us when we are sick, or our fathers that come to our rescue when our car breaks down on the side of the highway en route to a sophomore ski trip.

NEXI Introduces Wah Pedal Celebrating Electric Guitar Effect's 50th Anniversary

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (March 21, 2017) — It’s the classic “wah” that every modern-day electric guitarist needs in their collection, and now there’s a brand with a plug-‘n-play design that makes pedal board compatibility easier than ever. NEXI Industries proudly introduces its analog Wah (WWA-01) as the next great chapter of this pedal’s history, which spans 50 years.

Review: Peavey ReValver 4 Modeling Software

On Peavey’s website, ReValver 4 is introduced with these words: “Redesigned from the ground up, ReValver 4 — the latest version of Peavey's award-winning ReValver modeling software — contains revolutionary amp modeling capabilities that capture the true characteristics of real tube amplifiers.” That’s a tough set of promises to live up to for any software manufacturer, let alone an amp and software manufacturer. Did Peavey live up to the promise? I delve into ReValver 4 in this review to answer that very question. 

Why You Shouldn't Quit Music

There has been much talk as of late about mental health, people following their dreams, and wanting to become the next millionaire blogger. It has been quite some time since I’ve written a true editorial, but after a rather peculiar 2016, and a fantastic start to 2017, I decided that it was time for me to set a couple of things straight.