Album Review: The Fire Inside by Righteous Vendetta

It’s no secret we like our music loud here at Playing With Chaos. It’s also no secret we like hooks, riffs, melody, and a chorus an entire arena can sing along with. This kind of rock’n’roll likes to hide it seems. It’s available freely to the outcasts, rebels, and people of ill repute my mother-in-law refers to as “scary”. Whenever we come across some new rock music, we naturally like to share it with the aforementioned groups. And anyone else who likes good music. The Fire Inside is the latest offering from Righteous Vendetta and it drops everywhere on October 8 and we had a chance at a sneak peak.

Righteous Vendetta is a Christian metal band that hails from Powell, Wyoming. Now, before we go any further, let me say the following: I don’t care what religious beliefs any of the bands I listen to ascribe to. My interest lies in good music. If you are offended by good music that happens to be made by people who proclaim their love for one god or another, then go back to your flogging and self-denial. I’m here to review a new album by a hard-working, rockin’ metal band.

The Fire Inside is an album riddled with everything that makes metal music great: riffs, hooks, and guitar harmonies. For those of you that think those went out of style in the 1980’s, I sincerely apologize for what you’ve been missing.

The tracks “This Pain”, “With Love”, “The Fire Inside”, and “Back To Life” stand out on this speed-driven record. Of the 14 tracks, those are the ones that had me dreaming of jumping, yelling, and crowd surfing at a summer music festival. Also  worthy of mention for metalcore fans is the song “For The Skeptic.” It’s perfect for those Mondays where the drive home would be best served by blazing down an empty road at speeds way over the limit. Not that this is what I recommend you do, I was simply sharing the emotions attached to the feeling of doing such a thing while listening to a song crafted the way “For The Skeptic” is. It’s like a mini-rock opera of sorts – speed, hardcore sound, laced with an interlude that takes the listener away to a peaceful, beautiful place. This is the melodic element that is most often missing from rock music today, and RV definitely has it locked in for this track as well as the rest of them on this record.

Alas, the only thing missing here is a ballad of sorts, but you can hardly expect that sort of thing from a band like Righteous Vendetta. That being said, “Inside My Eyes” is the track that would satisfy that need for the average metal listener. The guitar and drum work on the record more than makes up for no ballads, so stop crying. This is rock'n'roll, remember? There's no crying in rock'n'roll. Unless you catch Lita Ford's towel when you're in the front row, and in that case it's going to be tears of joy anyhow.

With their 3rd full length album, the gentlemen that make up Righteous Vendetta do exactly what you want a good record to do: entertain, explore, and open your mind to sounds that restore your faith in the religion known as rock’n’roll.

Playing With Chaos gives this record a solid recommendation.The Fire Inside will be out on October 8, and we’ll have an interview with the band right here very soon, so come on back and find out more about Righteous Vendetta. In the meantime, you can also check them out on their website and Facebook page.