Artist Feature: Matina Z

Matina Z is going to save rock'n'roll. You heard it from me first, people. :) This girl can rock and you'd better take the opportunity to see her live in such an intimate location before she starts filling venues that are way out of your price range. You owe it to yourself to hear good music, and if you love rock'n'roll, you need to check this out.

Every so often, we come across an artist that has not only talent, but integrity. Matina Z has both in spades, and you can't help but like her even more when you realize how humble and down to earth she is. She has the kind of poise you expect in someone who is in their 30's. But Matina Z is not 30 . Nowhere close. And yet on stage she's an old soul. She can sing, write her own music, and plays both the guitar and the piano.....fronting her own rock band. And you can catch all of that this weekend, July 27, 2013, in Aurora, Ontario. More about that in a little while. :)
I had the opportunity to ask Matina a few questions, so this Q & A is the result of that.

M: How do you go about writing a song? What's your process like? Matina: When I write a song, there is no set process I go through. An idea will randomly come to me whether it's a lyrical idea, a melody or a guitar riff. Then, I put the song together. For example: if I have a melody for a song, I then write lyrics to match and vice versa.

M: Do you write your music on an electric or acoustic guitar at first or does it depend on the specific song you're approaching?Matina: I write the majority of my music on an acoustic guitar. However, I also have written songs with an electric guitar and a piano at first.

M: What kind of gear do you own/use? (guitars, amps, effects)

Matina: I have three acoustic guitars; a grand auditorium cutaway Taylor, a natural cutaway Fender, and a Woodland Cedar Simon & Patrick Luthier with custom pick ups;  two electric guitars: a black PRS SE Singlecut Trem and a Fender Stratocaster. I play through an acoustasonic amp, a Fender Blues Amp, and use a BOSS ME-70 Multi-Effects Pedal. I also play a  Korg Piano. 

M: If you don't already have it, what is your dream guitar?

Matina: I don't necessarily have a dream guitar. I am comfortable with my electric guitar which is a PRS SE.

M: Who are your biggest influences/favourite artsists?

Matina: I have many influences. For example: Foo Fighters, Coldplay and Kings of Leon.

M: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

Matina: If I could collaborate with any artist, it would be Dave Grohl hands down. I like what he stands for, his attitude and his artistic style. In the end, he has also been in two legendary rock bands

M: What are your plans for the second part of 2013?

Matina:  My plans for the second part of 2013 are to record some new tracks in the studio, work/collaborate with some well-known producers, continue to write new material, and of course perform live.

She's been played on the radio, and in fact she's also topped charts in Italy (for 6 weeks straight I might add) with her song "Stage 9 Clinger", the video for the song being a testament to all of her hard work and songwriting talent. She's doing things the old fashioned way - playing live gigs - while still tapping into the various social media outlets that artists that came before her could only have dreamed of doing.

You can catch Matina Z this weekend, at the Celebrate Aurora Music Festival. (Click the image below for more information regarding location, etc.)

A day pass is $7, but if you bring a donation for the Aurora Food Pantry, you get $2 off admission, making your ticket only $5. You can also purchase a 3-day festival pass for $15, or bring in a donation and pick up a pass for $10.

Just look at it this way: How many of us say to ourselves "I remember when (fill in the name of the stadium-filling artist here) played that local club/festival years ago....I wish I would have seen them then." This is your chance. This is your opportunity to be there to see Matina Z so that when your grandchildren ask you, you won't have to make up a silly excuse as to why you didn't go. $5. You can't go wrong.

A full schedule of events and set times for the various artists and bands playing throughout the weekend can be found here. Matina is set to take the stage on Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 9pm. She puts on a great show and you'll be glad you were there to see it.

For more about Matina, please visit her website at, where you can also link directly to her YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, and Facebook fan pages.