Concert Review: P!nk's Beautiful Trauma

Written by Jennifer Rogers and Martina Fasano, Photographs by Jennifer Rogers Photography

From the moment the curtain dropped Wednesday night, the sold out crowd at St.Louis’ Scottrade Center witnessed what is undoubtedly the Concert Of The Year when P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma tour rolled through town. There’s just so much P!nk wants to say! 

P!nk wasted no time and was set to  “Get The Party Started!” by welcoming the audience to the show hanging, swinging and wowing us with her high flying mid-air acrobatic moves from an over-sized chandelier that was covered in jewels, while rocking a sparkly silver bodysuit. 



P!nk and her girls take on a massive blow up doll of Eminem and his Marshall Mathers posse in the no guilt ridden tune “Revenge” that ends up with Pink flying up and punching Eminem in the face and then coming back down to an amazing choreographed Kung Fu scene against the Marshall Mathers minis. Not something you see at your usual pop show, that is for certain. 

P!nk also belted out No Doubt’s “I’m Just A Girl” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” that drew a huge roar from the crowd. If you’ve ever heard her cover a tune, you know exactly why. Her voice is one of the most powerful of her generation, and the emotion she pours into the covers she chooses make it obvious that she is a fan of great music, just like those of us in her audience. 

I’m not going to tell you all of P!nk’s “Secrets” but I will tell you that she goes all out, no holds barred, for the duration of the show. Those of you that have watched the “Hired Gun” documentary about touring and session musicians may have recognized bassist Eva Gardner, guitarist Justin Derrico (who I happened to bump into after the show and who called and left a voicemail for another one of my rockstar friends!), and drummer Mark Shulman as they did what they do best while allowing P!nk’s stellar performance to shine.

The only time she and the band aren’t unleashing a smorgasbord of awesome are during a couple of wardrobe changes, but unlike many other shows when this crucial “wait time” is squandered, P!nk created some heartfelt moments that were not only saliently current and meaningful, but uplifting in the most personal of ways. Her MTV Vanguard Award speech where she addressed her daughter Willow about being bullied played, and there was another empowering video that led to the message from P!nk about “Be true to yourself.”   

Playing through hits like “Try”, “So What”, “Raise Your Glass”, “What About Us”, and “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”, the sets of songs were woven together like a theatrical production. It wasn’t simply a get-on-stage-and-play-through-the-songs-get-off-stage concert. If you see this show, you are seeing a full scale production that reminds you as much of a rock concert as it does the most enchanting Cirque de Soleil show. Everything about the stage set-up was captivating.  From the Alice In Wonderland-inspired stage set for “Fire” to the side stage catwalks and the treadmill belt catwalk down center stage, it was an beautiful all-out aural and visual assault on the senses. Every tune had an incredible digital screen backdrop that made you think you really were in the forest or floating on a black brass bed to the moon. 

And for one magical night, we all were, thanks to P!nk’s artistry. 

“I don't have the answers, but the question is clear, Let me ask you 
Where does everybody go when they go 
Where does everybody go when they go.”   

I know where I will be going the next time P!nk comes back to town, and I will be screaming along with the rest of the stadium.....”I AM HERE!”