Discovery of the Week: Lindsay Ell

Alright folks. It's no secret I'm a huge Joan Jett/Lita Ford fan. Female guitar heroes are the reason I was inspired to pick up the guitar. Every so often I come across a great band, like Halestorm for instance, that not only has a great sound, but includes a female guitarist. I don't see the guitarists as male or female, but the record industry sure does. And a lot of the ladies have a hard time getting the recognition they deserve. Keep in mind that the Queen of Rock'nRoll herself, Joan Jett, is NOT in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Having met the icon, I can tell you she oozes Rock music.....the place should be named after her nevermind the fact that she should be honoured by being inducted as a member.

But I digress.

The only way to change the world is to get out there, ladies. Do it. Let the guitar speak for you.

That's just what Canadian-born Lindsay Ell is doing. Check her out:

Lindsay is a country/blues artist (who plays a GORGEOUS purple Les Paul Goddess, for all of you guitar aficionado's out there!). I heard her music and thought "WHY ISN'T SHE ON THE RADIO!?!?!?!?!?!" Wait, she has talent, she's not a gimick, and she actually plays an instrument. So that automatically disqualifies her from mainstream radio.

She's a Gibson artist. So they must have noticed exactly what I did: Lindsay is a great guitarist. Her style is not flashy and over the top, but it's chock full of soul and feeling. And that's what makes the blues the blues: emotion. Linday's guitar oozes it in spades.

What a refreshing find this was for me! I can't wait for her new record to come out. Do yourselves a favour and check her out on her YouTube channel and on Facebook.  She's also got a couple of neat reviews on some pedals that she uses. Taht makes gearheads like myself very happy. :) What are you doing still reading this??!?! Go listen. Do it. You can thank me later. :)