Gear Review: Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive Pedal

Any rock guitarist will tell you that a good overdrive pedal is hard to find. This is why there are so many of them on the market. They all claim to be "the answer to your overdrive pedal needs". I initially went shopping for a Tube Screamer. Everyone needs a Tube Screamer I figured. If so many artists use one, they must be on to something. What we fail to realize as consumers, professional gigging musicians often have modded, customized or chipped pedals and gear (amps and guitars included!). So the Tube Screamer you buy at your local music store is not necessarily the Tube Screamer Joan Jett plugs into.

I visited my go-to music store for a pedal: Kaos Music Centre
Let me begin by saying that the people at Kaos are top notch. Honest, friendly, funny, and they definitely know their stuff. Lou Roppoli, (whom I now consider to be my own guitar tech :) lol) said to me "you should try the Green Rhino....better than a Tube Screamer because you can tweak all kinds of levels."
The guys at Kaos did such a great job reviewing the various sounds this pedal makes, it would be silly of me not to include a link to the video: Green Rhino review video with sound clips

So I ordered one, and I brought it home, and I LOVED IT!!!!! Here's a few reasons why:

1 - 5 knobs are better than 2.

This Way Huge pedal allows you to tweak levels for volume, drive, tone, and also includes knobs to control curve and intensity of your sound. One pedal can go from a rich blues tone to some pretty squealing heavy metal sounds. This surprised me because I thought I'd have to get another pedal to be able to do that sort of thing. Not so with this pedal. It can bring it!

2 - Sturdy build quality
The Green Rhino has a super duty .09 gauge aluminum anodized chassis, which withstands all the stomping you're gonna do to this pedal.

3 - It's Not a Tube Screamer!!!!
This pedal is a lot more versatile than just being a Tube Screamer clone! Because I play various types of music, I had to choose something that would do more than just the punk music I like, or the hard rock I play a lot. I also like country and blues, and this pedal can go from country to metal with a few tweaks. Incredible to believe but true!

Overall, this pedal has allowed me to achieve the sound I've been hearing in my head for quite some time. Coupled with my new Blackstar HT-5R amp, it's a sonic dream. I still use dirty channel on my Blackstar (which is heavenly by the way) but this pedal allows me to switch up the neat tonalities that I like to tap into.