This Day Burns: Album Review

This Day Burns. And we like it hot! 

Discovering new bands is hard work. You have to first of all be willing to listen to a lot of less-than-stellar music. A LOT. On an average go, this blogger can receive up to 45 new songs to listen to from 45 different bands. Some are passable. Others make you cringe. And then there are songs from bands like This Day Burns: kick ass songs that remind us that rock in roll is not dead if you know where to look for it.

Based in Victoria, BC, This Day Burns is a hard-hitting rock band consisting of Chris Heretic, Jon Sinclair, Skye Maclean (who replaced Matt Williams), and lead vocalist Jasmine Wietzke. Matt Williams (who was replaced by Skye) left the band in May 2013, and recorded the album with the band.What's really unique about the band is that they switch and play an array of instruments throughout the writing and performing process, so each song becomes a different window into the band's soul. 

I'm not going to lie. I only feature/interview/review bands and music that I'm intrigued by and enjoy listening to. Why waste my time writing about how awful something is? And, with art being so subjective, one man's cacophony is another man's Frank Zappa. So why do I like This Day Burns' debut EP?

First off, the fusing of acoustic and hard distorted guitars makes this band unique in a seemingly monotonous rock landscape. You’re not going to get cookie cutter lyrics and melodies from This Day Burns. Riffs are catchy without being clichéd. The vocals are a sweet cross between Gwen Stefani at her best, coupled with Amy Lee (Evanesence) at her most hardcore. 

Second, each song offers the listener a layered musical experience that is rare in today's over-produced hard rock scene. This is not just guitar part layered upon similar guitar part. There is true musicianship here, and it's evident in the clever tunings used in songs like "Somber" and "Mistakes Don't Lie". 

You like screaming? Good. This Day Burns likes to scream too, but not in the same way that you might think. It lends itself purposefully in standout tunes like "One Gun Salute" and "Dead Mannequin". Screaming is not to be confused with pointless noise. There is angst here, and that is what is often missing in the cookie-cutter rock your friends might come across on the various satellite radio channels they listen to in order to be able to keep up with your rock and roll knowledge. 

What else does this EP have to offer the listener? In other words, why should you care enough to grab a copy of this album? The vocals are clear and distinctive enough to garner attention from a casual rock listener, but strong enough to move the rock connoisseur. Songs like "Mistakes Don't Lie" will have you humming along before the song is through its second verse, and the guitar riffs on "One Gun Salute" will keep you coming back for more.

This Day Burns has already had some attention locally, but it's this reviewer's bet that if things continue as they have with this current EP, they are destined to be hitting a town near you soon. Stay tuned to the blog for an upcoming interview with the band members, where we'll be asking them about gear, the songwriting process, and their plans for the future. 

In the meantime, go have a listen to this EP and get ready to set the house on fire. You can follow the band on Twitter and Facebook as well to keep up to date on their latest show dates.